Rest, Ice, Compression and PEMF

Anybody who has sprained an ankle has heard of RICE method for recovery. The first two, Rest and Ice, are fairly easy to implement with a horse. Giving them some time off and getting creative with ice packs is typically a rider's go to when there is unexpected inflammation or sensitivity. The second two aspects of the equation, Compression and Elevation, can sometimes be hard to achieve with a horse. Depending on location, wraps can be tricky, and elevations is basically a no

Five Signs Your Horse Needs PEMF This Spring

Competing this season? Checking off some qualification scores? Or are you taking it easy this Spring to enjoy your horse at home? No matter what your goals are for the spring, PEMF therapy can help you and your horse achieve them. 1) Your horse is recovering from an injury. This one may seem like a no-brainer, but treating your horse with PEMF activates tissue repair and healing from a cellular level and can increase the rate of healing. 2) Your horse is showing. Horse shows