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Five Signs Your Horse Needs PEMF This Spring

Updated: May 2, 2019

Competing this season? Checking off some qualification scores? Or are you taking it easy this Spring to enjoy your horse at home? No matter what your goals are for the spring, PEMF therapy can help you and your horse achieve them.

1) Your horse is recovering from an injury.

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but treating your horse with PEMF activates tissue repair and healing from a cellular level and can increase the rate of healing.

2) Your horse is showing.

Horse shows are expensive to enter and travel to, optimal performance is important to protect your investment and regular PEMF sessions with our MagnaWave keep the body in tip top shape.

3) Your horse is learning something new.

Whether it is moving up a level in the show ring or working on a new skill at home, when we change up their way of working we are increasing the chance for injury. PEMF sessions will help the body stay ahead of any minor inflammation and/or tissue strains.

4) Your horse has a hoof abscess.

This wet Texas winter has meant that we have all stocked up on hoof packing and vet wrap. PEMF can help pull an abscess out in just 1-3 sessions. - Learn more about how here!

5) Your horse takes care of you.

As a horse lover, this is the biggest reason for me to treat my horse. Kramer and I have a deal - he takes care of me and I take care of him. Horses are incredibly stoic creatures and are biologically wired to not show weakness or pain, a handy thing when you are the ultimate prey animal. This means that we may not always know exactly when they aren't feeling 100%. By utilizing MagnaWave PEMF on a regular basis you are giving your horse's body the best chance to have the immune system firing on all cylinders and to stay ahead of injuries.

Give your horse the best chance to perform with MagnaWave PEMF.

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