• Lauren Foster

PEMF and Hoof Abscesses in Horses

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

April showers bring May flowers...and hoof abscesses. Nothing can increase a rider's heart rate quickly like the acute lameness that presents as quickly and intensely as a hoof abscess. If you're like me, you can pack and wrap a foot in record time which can be effective, though slow method of drawing out the infection in the hoof.

Case studies have shown that PEMF session of 8-15 minutes can help resolve an abscess faster. Most abscesses are resolved in as little as one to three sessions. The PEMF increases oxygenation and blood flow to the hoof, giving the body what it needs to flush out the infection quicker, which puts you back in the saddle sooner.

We have all the attachments necessary to help your horse's abscess in a chemical and pain free way to relieve your horse's discomfort and get you back in the saddle quicker. Reach out today to schedule your session!

Muddy conditions brought on by springs rains increase the chance of abscesses in the hoof. The use of PEMF can help reduce discomfort and draw out the abscess quickly.


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