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Rest, Ice, Compression and PEMF

Anybody who has sprained an ankle has heard of RICE method for recovery. The first two, Rest and Ice, are fairly easy to implement with a horse. Giving them some time off and getting creative with ice packs is typically a rider's go to when there is unexpected inflammation or sensitivity. The second two aspects of the equation, Compression and Elevation, can sometimes be hard to achieve with a horse. Depending on location, wraps can be tricky, and elevations is basically a no-go for obvious reasons.

Magna Wave PEMF can help reduce down time with tissue injuries when paired with the traditional use of rest, ice, and compression by decreasing inflammation and maximizing the body's healing capacity. Inflammation is a result of natural biological processes when there is damage or infection to tissue. PEMF increases the body's cellular processes and metabolism to fight inflammation in a non-drug and non-invasive manner. It does this with a gently pulsing magnetic field that travels along nerve pathways of the body. The energy is absorbed by cells/tissue and blood flow is increased to the area to promote healing.

Equine professionals across many disciplines are using PEMF therapy to assist in injury recovery as well as a maintenance and recovery program to enable general health and a longer career for their horses (and themselves!).

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Magna Wave PEMF can help expedite healing time with tissue injuries when used in conjunction with traditional rest and ice.

Please note that PEMF does not replace your veterinarian's expertise, and one should always be consulted regarding injury and illness.

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