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What Can I Expect After a PEMF Session?

During a Magna Wave PEMF session your horse's blood oxygen level is increased, the lymphatic system is activated, and acupuncture points are stimulated. All of these processes help reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and promote healing in your horse. As the body is stimulated to heal itself, you may see some changes in your horse for up to a few days after their session.

It is important to remember that like people, all horses are different, but a common affect of the Magna Wave PEMF session is that the horse has a greater range of motion in their gaits. This can be felt under saddle and visually observed by a trained eye.

Some horses feel more energized after a session, typically this is because they are feeling better. Other horses, especially those who tend to be more anxious, may show signs of relaxation and less anxiety.

It is important to provide clean, fresh water for your horse after the session. As the lymphatic system flushes out and works to detox the body, you may observe your horse drinking more water than normal.

Regular sessions will support a healthy equine athlete; from keeping their digestion tract moving, maintaining a healthy immune system, and reducing inflammation in their joints.

TX PEMF / Lauren Foster Equine Services offers packages that make it affordable to have regular sessions for the athletes of Dallas and East Texas.

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